The Honey Badger.

The Honey Badger.



Created by Broken Ghost Immersives.

Check out our review in No Proscenium.

A clandestine romp through Brooklyn's seedy underground full of subterfuge and douchebaggery, 

Join a diabolical crimelord as he hosts a convention for super villains. Unleash your inner bad guy as you attend valuable crime seminars, eat at the evil buffet and frolic with the Trump kids.  

Or perhaps you'd prefer to play as an intrepid federal agent tasked with bringing down the scourge of organized crime? A shadowy assassin trailing an elusive target?  A high-stakes gambler with a chip on his shoulder and nothing to lose? You're the star in this wretched hive of scum and villainy where all your favorite movies collide.

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"Broken Ghost Immersives have created a wonderful evening of entertainment, mashing some of the best aspects of RPGs, social deduction games, escape rooms, LARPs, puzzle narratives, and immersive theatre, into one glorious evening of scum and villainy" -Edward Mylechreest, No Proscenium